Manufacturers & End Users

Take advantage of barge and rail quantity shipments and maximize your production efficiencies by letting BL Duke River Terminal be an extension of your business. We are accessible by barge on the Des Plaines River, class I rail, and are located near major highway networks. We have 30 acres of outdoor storage and 250K square feet of indoor, climate-controlled storage available.

Logistical Efficiencies

Transportation costs are one of the biggest impacts to a company’s bottom line. Our multimodal terminal in Joliet, Illinois allows our clients to benefit from barge and rail quantity shipments. These modes of transportation are cost-effective, safe, and more environmentally friendly. In fact, one barge is roughly equivalent to 17 railcars or 70 truckloads.

BL Duke Logistical Efficiencies
BL Duke Customer Portal

Stay up-to-date on your inventory with our customer portal

We believe in transparency. Our customer portal gives you access to important shipping and receiving information, real time inventory levels, inspection documents, and payment information. The BLDRT Portal also provides access to photos of every load, historical data, and customized reports.

QR Code Scanning Technology

BLDRT has taken the risk out of data-entry by implementing QR code scanning technology. We’ll customize and map the data contained on your customers product QR code and seamlessly integrate critical information into our inventory management system.

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