Do you offer inventory management?

Yes, we serve as an extension of your business with our inventory management and warehousing services. Our customer portal offers you full visibility to yo [...]

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Do you provide value-add services?

At BL Duke River Terminal, we are constantly innovating and looking for ways to improve our customers experience and our service offering. If there is a se [...]

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What is a back-haul and how does it work?

A back-haul implies the return trip made by a truck after delivering a load to a specified destination. The ideal back-haul would have a return shipment wh [...]

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What is your address?

Packages and mail can be sent to ATTN: BLDRT Shipping & Receiving 1 Industry Ave. Joliet, IL 60435. Pick-ups and deliveries can be made at 1 Industry A [...]

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What types of commodities do you handle?

We have experience with various bulk commodities, structural steel products, steel and aluminum finished goods, palletized materials, project cargo, and he [...]

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How do I obtain access to customer portal?

If you would like to utilize our free customer portal services, please contact your sales representative and they will assist you in creating your login an [...]

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What are your standard operating hours?

We receive material into our facility Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM and 2:30 PM. Overtime requests outside of these hours and over weekends shall b [...]

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Do you require appointment times?

We do require appointments for pick-up and deliveries. You may contact Charlene Jones to make an appointment. [...]

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